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Miami Nears Completion of $2.7 Billion Plan to Defend Against Storm Surges!

Miami, FL – June 16, 2024 – Miami’s ambitious $2.7 billion plan to safeguard its real estate from catastrophic storm surges is nearing completion.

This week, as Miami contends with substantial flooding from a prolonged rainstorm, county officials and the Army Corps of Engineers are finalizing a comprehensive protection plan that’s been in development for five years.

The plan, which will be submitted to Congress for approval and funding within the year, centers on three main strategies: multiple lines of defense, adaptive management, and integration. Key areas, chosen based on flood risk and environmental justice considerations, will benefit from significant improvements, including the elevation of 2,100 homes and the retrofitting of 400 commercial buildings in high-risk zones such as Miami Beach and Little River.

A standout element of the plan is the $180 million pilot program for nature-based defenses, employing natural barriers like mangrove forests and reefs instead of a controversial 20-foot seawall. The proposal also allocates $1.5 billion for construction, $214 million for engineering and design, and $200 million for nonstructural solutions like flood-proofing commercial buildings.

With these measures, the Army Corps projects a $1.2 billion reduction in storm surge damage over 50 years, significantly mitigating the financial impact on vulnerable properties. Pre-construction and design phases are set to commence in 2026, with construction expected to conclude by 2034.

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