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Empowering Women and Celebrating History At 1000 Museum With Parsiani Real Estate, Wow, And Partners

An evening brimming with joy, unity, and connections with forward-thinking leaders marked a remarkable celebration of Women's History Month at 1000 Museum. Hosted by Parsiani Real Estate, showcasing their $11.4M luxurious collection listing within the iconic Zaha Hadid building, and Wow-Wings of Wealthy featuring Sammy Gara, VP and Master Zen Living Coach, alongside the acclaimed award-winning Interior Designer Maricarmen of CVH.

The event was a triumph, with the venue abuzz with esteemed guests and a red carpet welcome, setting the scene for an unparalleled museum experience. Guests were treated to the exquisite creations of interior design by Maricarmen Castillon's vision for the space and with art activations by renowned artists Johnathan Schultz and Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery. The evening was further elevated with offerings such as Floyd Mayweather's beverages, Good Money Canadian whiskey and champagne, Syotos Security, and Ennova Scenting fragrances, enveloping guests in an air of sophistication. Gurkha cigars added a touch of elegance, enhancing the shared stories and budding connections.

Industry leaders, influencers, and creatives came together for an elevated evening featuring panel discussions, art displays, and captivating performances. Notable individuals like John Parsiani, Erik Galindo, and Johnathan Foltz were recognized for their advocacy of women in real estate, media communications, and AI. Accolades and awards were also given to figures like Maricarmen Castillon and Polet Bet David for their mentorship and contributions to Wow's mission of generational wealth and creativity.

Vice President of Wow Sammy Gara orchestrated the evening with finesse as a master living coach. She shared wisdom from her published book, “Effortless Now,” fostering an atmosphere of support, celebration, and appreciation for each other's successes and uniqueness.

Parsiani Real Estate, based in Miami, Florida, specializes in showcasing ultra-luxury properties, often located in prestigious buildings like the Zaha Hadid-designed 1000 Museum. The company collaborates with partners like Wow and Bright Lifestyle to create unique experiences for clients and guests, setting them apart in the competitive real estate market. Their focus on luxury real estate and premium properties is complemented by their commitment to top-tier service and client care, with a strong emphasis on hospitality.

Led by founder John Parsiani, who also serves as the Vice President of Sales at Aria Reserves, the largest waterfront dual towers in the United States, the company has a strong team of associates, including Erik Galindo from Bright Lifestyle Media and Bozana Cavar, founder of Wow, who contribute their expertise in media, content creation, and event production. Bozana Cavar, a broker associate at Parsiani Real Estate, focuses on brand collaborations and event management, while Erik Galindo showcases their offerings across various media platforms led by the expert in the luxury market, John Parsiani.

If you're looking for a dedicated team to enhance the value of your property, Parsiani Real Estate offers exceptional brokerage, media, and curation services to ensure your property receives the attention it deserves.

The event also featured an Innovative Awards Panel and models from Nicole Shelly Inc., adding glamour and excitement. Special thanks to sponsors Castillon Van Ham, CJ, Gurkha Cigars, Good Money, Black Opal Lifestyle, Ennova Scenting, and Bright Lifestyle Media for their invaluable support.

As the evening drew to a close, the atmosphere was charged with inspiration and empowerment, highlighting the power of collaboration in recognizing women's achievements and contributions.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events from this dynamic partnership and curation by Wow.

Celebrate Women's History Month in Miami while paying tribute to the architectural brilliance of Zaha Hadid and Parsiani Real Estate exclusive listing at 1000 Museum. Contact Bozana Cavar, Broker Associate, and Erik Galindo, Sales Associate, at Parsiani Real Estate, for more information and to schedule a private preview.


John Reza Parsiani and Bozana Cavar are some of the exclusive agents representing the Miami Beach, FL, real estate market as members of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of their listings here.

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