Millionaire Agents Secrets Interview with John Reza Parsiani: Giving, Not Getting

John Reza Parsiani's Revealing Interview with Millionare Agents Secrets on iTunes

Welcome to Millionaire Agents Secrets! We have with us today one Miami's best brokers, John Reza Parsiani. He has a business degree with honors, he is a top producer at Aria on the bay which is one of the best buildings in Miami, and he is multilingual. He speaks four different languages; Norwegian, Persian, English and Swedish. How are you John? [00:00:25] John: Very well, thank you for having me. Milton: Pleasure, thank you for coming on. John: It's an absolute pleasure. [00:00:33] Milton: Good! First thing; let's start with something quite interesting. What social group were you in at school and how has that affected the moves that you've made in your career and your life? John: Well, I was a bit of techy when I was growing up. I went into an Engineering field to begin with. I was very logical, pragmatic, and that taught me to be strategic, to be logical and organized. All of those qualities I guess I carried with me from that time. [00:01:08] Milton: Wonderful! And you've been doing real estate now for fourteen years, haven't you? John: Yes, indeed. Milton: So have you grown from the start to where you now? Because you're a very high-end broker now, and doing brilliantly. John: Well, thank you! It’s a blessing to be serving the community at the level that I'm at now. Obviously, there's always more to do. It's been quite a journey in the past fourteen years, it’s had its ups and downs and challenges, no doubt. John: But I believe for you to grow you have to step outside your comfort zone, and my real estate career is certainly done that to me. Milton: Absolutely! [00:01:49] Milton: You mentioned hard times, there. How did you overcome those hard times? Do you have any strategy that you use or is it just your natural optimistic self? John: You have to be optimistic, right? That's the natural quality for you to always have, and I think that links to faith and belief. Whether it's in a higher power or whatever it is that serves you in this lifetime. John: You have to have, in my opinion, a belief in something greater than myself [or yourself], and a cause greater than myself. So that's what carries me through the challenges. I know that whatever the challenge comes my way, it's there to serve me and not to destroy me. It's there to lift me up and not to put me down. [00:02:33] John: And I always look for the lesson. I always look for the lesson in each of the challenge, no matter how horrible. John: No matter what comes, I choose to give a positive meaning rather than the negative one. [00:02:51] Milton: Do you have a team around here? Do you have a personal assistant, do you have a buyer's agents? How’re you structured? [00:02:58] John: I do. I do have an assistant and I do have a team under me that I'm working with. Basically building up to be top brokers as well, because I believe … the measure of a leader is by how many leaders you've created. John: That, to me, is the true measure of what a leader is. My goal not to keep the people that I work with at the level they are now. My goal is to raise them up to at least to be where they want to be. Where their goals are. Milton: That’s great! [00:03:29] Milton: In your area where you work – it’s a beautiful area – can you tell us a little bit about that? John: Well, Miami is a beautiful city. It's grown quite a bit. I’ve been here for the past twenty years. I grew up in Sweden and moved here twenty years ago. I've seen the transformation of the true world city. I've seen what it was and what it is now. John: Because of my position now with one of the largest developer representatives in the state of Florida, with about six billion dollars’ worth of pre-construction listings, and fifteen buildings that we represent from Fort Lauderdale all the way to downtown Miami and even the gables. It puts me in a position...Read More.

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