A 17-year resident of Miami, John Parsiani is actually a global citizen, having lived in 5 different countries and traveled to more than 20 countries worldwide. He also speaks four languages and is uniquely well-versed in the buying attitude and needs of those form Europe and Asia, as well as those from the U.S., and South America. Mr. Parsiani is not your typical real estate broker, he graduated earning his business degree with a focus on entrepreneurship with a perfect 4.0 GPA and has an impressive corporate background at Delta Airlines.

Today, after an impressive 12-year career as a real estate broker, Mr. Parsiani is the Senior Sales Executive at Miami's most revered luxury new development "Aria On The Bay" and luxury sales specialist focused on residential properties throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale ranging from $2 million to over $12 million.

Aria On The Bay is on the last waterfront lot in the 'Art & Entertainment District' strategically located in the heart of Miami. "I believe there are four fundamental elements to real estate and this next generation luxury high-rise has all these crucial elements that make the perfect real estate product: amazing location, unbeatable prices, unparalleled amenities, and the best views in Miami", said Mr. Parsiani.

Exceptional Product The project "Aria On The Bay" is very unique, but first of all because of the elite team Cervera Real Estate of which John is the Exclusive Sales Executive of the project, and the Melo Group which is an Argentinian group founded in 1948 that have successfully completed over 50 projects and 5,000 residential units.

"As a car enthusiast I can make the comparison that you see BMW's around every corner as a common good vehicle, and Maserati comes around only once in a while and when it does you take notice and remember this exceptional product. That is how I see Aria On The Bay, a truly rare, unique, and outstanding project." said John Parsiani.

Aria On The Bay is not only the best priced luxury building in the Art & Entertainment District but is even better priced than other projects located in less desirable locations. It is amazingly rare to see how this project is actually competing and beating some products on the re-sale market in the area. "If you have a newer, better located building selling at a lower price than an older building in the same area, it says a lot about the opportunities that exist here" explains John Parsiani.

My investment strategy is not to buy high and hope it goes higher, instead i believe in the tried and true strategy of 'buying low and selling high', so selecting the right product is as important as your timing. That is why I chose to represent Aria On The Bay because i believe in this luxury project and the timing of it. The Art & Entertainment District which is home to Aria On The Bay, and its immediate surrounding, invested in and around out community over the next few years", finished John Parsiani.

For more information contact Mr. John Parsiani at +1-305-788-7550, go to or email

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